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Veronika Jenet

Veronika Jenet A.S.E is a highly regarded and awarded feature film editor having worked with many of Australia's leading directors such as Jane Campion (with whom she collaborated on five films) and Phil Noyce on The Rabbit Proof Fence. She has also worked with Jan Sardi on Love's Brother, Elissa Down on The Black Balloon, Rachel Ward on Beautiful Kate and Claire McCarthy on The Waiting City. Veronika is the editor of The Piano, for which she received an OSCAR, BAFTA, and ACE nominations and she has been nominated for five Australian Film Institute awards and has won three times. Veronika has also been nominated for three Independent Film awards and has won for Rabbit Proof Fence. Veronika is a member of the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was an inaugural recipient of the Australian Screen Editors ASE accreditation award. In 2007 she was awarded an ASE award for the mini-series Bastard Boys. She has also been an advisor for the Screen NSW Aurora script workshop.

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